Sonntag, 14. August 2011

Going on...

Way too fast, the last day in Berkeley has arrived. So this will probably be the last entry. It has been eleven really nice weeks and we experienced a lot.

The last week was on one side the end of the work. So all four of us had to finish the report, correct the English and send it in on time. But because it was also the last week in Berkeley, we had to see everybody again and say good bye.

On Thursday was the big farewell party. A last time grilling in the backyard and talking to everybody we met. Kean, Baptiste and Yvan had to leave Friday morning to get on the plane to Las Vegas. For me and Marc was Friday the last time at the Lab and our plane departs tomorrow morning.

After having party in SF, today was time to finish the cleaning of the room and prepare the luggage for the next trip.

But we'll keep a lot of memories from California:
seeing a lot of wild animals, eating meat, drinking beers, building the first detector module at LBNL, cooking with cream cheese, listening to unique recordings, driving around, doing shopping, running 13.1 miles, having BBQ until 3am, reading four books and watching all the bond movies, building our own smörgascake, biking uphill, playing the piano, row on a lake, driving a motorboat, walking through the city, getting lost with a bus, missing the bart, sunset, firework and destroying clothes, working until 10pm, speaking all kind of luangages, being asked if we're speaking Russian, having nice neighbors and meeting awesome people

I tried to write about the most parts, but there are still a lot of things left to tell. With over 3500 pictures collected even more to show. Unlucky for you, I won't show them all here, but I'll be happy to show them to you back in Switzerland. But first we go on to Miami and Costa Rica! Until then, I thank you for following my little stories. Have fun and see you in September

Donnerstag, 11. August 2011


The end of our stay is approaching and with it the date to send in the report. After writing for days on the thesis, I got enough and take some time to review the past days and months. Filled with "Röschti u Bratwurst" there is also enough energy. We prepared a swiss dinner for the two girls living with us and were joined also by our neighbors Kara and Paul and their friend Kristin.

Even though there is a lot of work to finish, we enjoy the weekends and visit some places. Last Saturday we've been bathing in the sea in Santa Cruz together with Maryrose and her brother James.
And on Sunday we finally managed to visit Alcatraz.

Instead of writing about the prison or the amusement park, I'll describe another ongoing activation during the last eleven weeks. Almost since our arrival here we've been hunting wild animals. Armed with a Olympus μTough and a Sony α100 camera, we got some nice shots:

16.07.2011 Squirrel in Berkeley:

07.08.2011 young sea gull on Alcatraz:

10.07.2011 Sand worm in Point Reyes:

06.08.2011 sea lions in Santa Cruz:

23.07.2011 deer in Sequoia:

06.08.2011 pelican in Santa Cruz:

23.07.2011 Beaver in Sequoia:

10.07.2011 Elks in Point Reyes:

23.07.2011 Bambi in Sequioa:

10.07.2011 Whale in Point Reyes:

23.07.2011 Bear in Sequoia: