Freitag, 29. Juli 2011

Road trip to Sequoia National Park

The end is approaching and the time running out. Only a little more than two weeks left and then we have to leave Berkeley. Yesterday was a concert from Paul's band for the release of their album. Wednesday was Pasta-Party (Kean cocked spaghetti bolognaise) and we had Paul and Frans as guests. Tuesday was a Chinese dinner to exchange pictures from the last weekend. And Monday I had to get some sleep.

The whole last weekend we were exploring the country. Starting at 6pm Saturday morning and finished around midnight Sunday evening.

With two cars and 10 people we drove south east. Our goal was the Sequoia National Park and the big trees.

General Sherman:
We were talking how this tree, who happens to be the biggest tree in the world, got his name. So our story was this. This general Sherman was in service during the civil war, but he got afraid. So he hid himself on this tree for a couple of weeks. Thats why people called later this tree General Sherman. But that's just our version.

An other tree called Sentinel:

Well after a visiting this tree, we walked back through the forest towards our cars. Finally we got into real forest and there were no more tarred walkways for all the tourists. Inside the forest we enjoyed the nature, while being eaten by mosquitoes. But we all survived and had our fun.

We just arrived in time back at the car to see one of the most beautiful sunsets.

After the sun went down, we drove back to find a gas station and something to eat. After a nice dinner we drove back to the hotel and tried to get some sleep.

The next morning was again early stand up. This time we headed towards Kings Canyon. Well we almost arrived there. We made a stop for lunch at lake Hume. Finally we just stayed there and rowed around the lake with a optimist and kayaks. Having a lot of fun, by sinking kayaks and swimming in the lake, we spent the afternoon there.

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