Mittwoch, 20. Juli 2011

Squirrel feeding, T-Rex and San Francisco again

For last Friday, Marc and me had to send in a first version of our thesis. So after a long week, we were happy when Friday came. After a long night at our favorite BBQ place, we managed to stay up on Saturday morning and went out to see some bones.

First we made a stop at Oscars for breakfast.

Well fed, we went on to the UC Berkeley campus where our goal for this afternoon was. In the museum of paleontology they have a T-Rex skeleton and some other bones. Under other a small exposition of the human evolution, with an example of the human genome and it's relative. Naturally they took a splendid example for mankind.

On the way back, we met someone who was feeding squirrels. Friendly invited we joined and met a bunch of these funny animals. On the whole campus are living a lot of them and one sees them almost every time driving through the campus. But it's still fun to see them from close and feed them peanuts out of the hand.

Sunday afternoon we went again to San Francisco. Together with Sarah and Lea we visited the Twin Peaks. A windy place with a great view over the city. And after a gray week we were happy to see some blue sky.

Panorama high resolution (6 MB)

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